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If your gut health is poor, your overall health is likely to be poor, too. At Journey to Wellness in Frisco TX, we have set up a program to address this problem.

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A healthy gut often times means a healthy life, as your gut is where 80 percent of your immune system lives. But the opposite of that is true as well, if your gut health is poor, your overall health is likely to be poor, too.

Leaky gut syndrome is a result of an unhealthy gut area. This health condition, also referred to as increased intestinal permeability, can lead to several uncomfortable symptoms and conditions for your body, which is why it’s important to address and treat leaky gut syndrome as soon as possible.

Healing your Leaky Gut in Frisco TX

At Journey to Wellness in Frisco TX, we are very knowledgeable about this health condition and have set up a program to address it so you can get back to your everyday, normal health. Do you believe you are showing signs of leaky gut syndrome and want professional assistance with the health condition?

Think of your small intestine as a tight barrier that prevents unknown bacterias, nutrients, toxins and waste from entering your bloodstream. When there are tears, holes or other damages along that intestinal lining, that waste “leaks” into your bloodstream and causes your autoimmune system to react, leading to inflammation or allergic reactions such as digestive issues, joint pain, skin conditions, headaches, respiratory issues and more. Not only are these symptoms annoying, but studies have found that leaky gut syndrome can lead to a variety of chronic diseases if left untreated.

Unfortunately, most people living in pain don’t realize they might be showing symptoms of leaky gut, and studies have shown nearly 80 percent of Americans have leaky gut to some extent of the health condition.

Program Phases

Our gut restoration program in Frisco TX consists of three phrases, typically over the course of 75 days, that will help you achieve a life free of any gut issues. They include the following:

  • Phase 1 (Days 1-30): Extinguish and Seal
  • Phase 2 (Days 31-45): Clear Debris
  • Phase 3 (Days 46-75): Rebuild

The main point of these phases is to restore health to your gut area. We’ll explain more about what happens in each of these phases below, but during the course of your gut restoration, make sure you drink plenty of water and herbal tea.

Phase 1: Extinguish and Seal

Phase 1 of our program focuses on finding the source of your problems and “extinguishing” them. Think of it this way: if your house were to catch fire, you wouldn’t immediately think to call a contractor to fix everything that was ruined by it — you’d call a firefighter first to put out the fire before addressing any in-depth repair issues. We approach leaky gut syndrome in a similar way.

In this phase, we find the root of your problem, whether that be parasites, a food sensitivity, candida or something else. We then “seal” any gaps or holes in your intestinal lining that are causing your leaky gut.

Phase 2: Clear Debris

Chances are your gut lining has had months, if not years, worth of damages to it. After we seal whatever damages have been done to it, we must focus our attention on clearing your digestive tract and cleaning your bloodstream of any toxins, bacteria, waste and the like.

Our program helps clear debris from your body by utilizing special formulas that will support your body’s gastrointestinal function while balancing our detoxification process.

Phase 3: Rebuild

Now that damage control has been mostly repaired, you can focus on rebuilding and restoring your overall gut health. During this phase, we’ll rebuild the microbiome in your body, which adapts throughout your life based on your diet, your sleep regimen, the number of bacteria you’re exposed to, your stress levels and more. Using our formulas, your body will adjust its immune system and digestive tract to benefit your overall gut health.

During this phase, we’ll also educate you on the importance of your gut and why taking care of it is important to living a healthy, symptom-free lifestyle. After all, knowledge is power.

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Our gut restoration program at Journey to Wellness can help you get your gut health get back on track. We’ve simply provided a brief explanation above that should help you get the ball rolling on the health condition, but if you have any further questions or concerns about leaky gut syndrome, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation with a staff member, please reach out at your best convenience.

The overall goal of our wellness center is to provide alternative health methods and procedures to our patients.