Herbs & Supplements in Frisco TX

At Journey to Wellness in Frisco TX, we offer a very different approach when it comes to helping patients recover from diabetes and combat depression.

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Chronic health issues depression go hand in hand, and in many cases, sufferers don’t get the right help that they deserve. At Journey to Wellness, we have a very different approach and have seen great results in helping people to recover from diabetes which in turn has a profoundly positive affect on depression stemming from diabetes.

Keeping Everything Natural in Frisco TX

We do recommend some herbs in Frisco TX that can be useful, but we never use them to mask symptoms. At Journey to Wellness, we conduct thorough testing to get to the root of your health problem and supplement with appropriate herbs to make patients feel that little better while they follow their personal plan to health.

Below, you will find several herbs you can implement into your life to help you start living a healthier life.

- Ganoderma
- Kava
- Uva Ursi
- Tribulus
- Coriander
- Vitamin G
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Other Remedies to Fight Chronic Health Issues and depression

The above are the chief herbs anyone who suffers from chronic health issues and depression can use, but there are a few other things that can be done, and used in the fight against this illness.

High intensity training (HIT). 20 seconds on, and 20 seconds off, and breathe hard. Pick six exercises and perform them as hard as you can and then rest a while before doing the next. It doesn’t take long and can be done at home. The raising of the heartbeat and then relaxing does wonders for depression.

Vitamin D is terrific, free and is amazing for what it does for depression. Get out in the sun, and all the feel-good triggers will spring into life. It is one of nature’s wonders, and many people are deficient in this vitamin because they spend most of their days indoors. In times of no sun, a good vitamin D supplement can be used.

Ashwagandha is another herb that can help to raise the mood and make people feel a little better. It is available in capsule form and can also help anyone with thyroid disorders, and very helpful with stress.  Fish oil is very helpful to get your Omega 3 levels up. Take supplements, you are not going to get enough Omega 3 from food.

Natural remedies are good. Great things about cinnamon, bitter melon, apple cider vinegar and things you can find at your natural food store. Try some of these things. There are no side effects to natural remedies. They are worth trying.

We aim to do the most thorough testing possible to get to the root cause, but as we go along, we do recommend these herbs and bits of advice because they can all help. This is true in the cases with people who are suffering from depression because they feel they are losing the battle and need hope. The Journey to Wellness our mission is to transform lives and help anyone in this situation.