Thyroid in Frisco TX

The typical story of a thyroid issue in Frisco TX begins with a patient starting to show symptoms, such as changes in hair, skin, and nails, issues with their bowels, such as constipation and diarrhea, mood swings, depression, and weight increase. Doctors (endocrinologists) will run tests to check their TSH (thyroid stimulated hormone) levels. If your TSH levels are high, your doctor will put you on a thyroid medication. The issue is that TSH is NOT a thyroid hormone. TSH stands for “Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.” That hormone comes from your brain and tells your thyroid what to do. Essentially, they are testing a hormone that is not even your thyroid. Your doctor will say that your thyroid issues are now under control because the tests will now come back normal – but you might still be feeling symptoms. The medications are just covering up the issues, but not fixing them.  You are still gaining weight, still feeling fatigued.

If “Nothing is wrong”- then why do I feel so bad? There are so many different steps to when the thyroid secretes the hormone, to when your body actually uses the hormone, and activates the hormone. There are several steps in between as far as activating the hormone, the hormone binding to the cells, the inflammation that can interfere with it. So many things need to be tested properly, to find the problem.  Medication doesn’t fix all the problems. Thyroid plays a big part in weight gain and depression. These issues are so prevalent today, even linking leaky gut to thyroid problems. The inflammation affects your gut, your adrenal glands, your thyroid gland, and yet your TSH levels are fine- by the doctor’s tests. That’s why we test everything, so you can get the results you want.

At Journey to Wellness, we really stress our tests, especially for hormone and thyroid issues. It’s important to test and not guess. Most people may think they have thyroid problems, but that may not be what’s actually wrong.

Underlying Health Problems in Frisco TX

Many thyroid issues are because of these underlying health problems. Around 80% of thyroid sufferers have an underlying autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto’s or Grave’s disease that goes undiagnosed.  Unless you prompt your doctor to test for antibodies, they won’t do it. If you are being regulated symptomatically through your medications, look at your immune system. What makes us different here at Journey to Wellness, is we remove any interference that stops the body and the thyroid gland from communicating with each other and operating properly. We look at all these issues: production of hormones, conversion of hormones, and destruction of thyroid through autoimmune conditions or interference of the body.

If a doctor doesn’t test all areas, it is no wonder a person still feels terrible, even if their thyroid test results are all normal. The doctor is only looking at the production of the T4. The reason why the medications yield a normal result is that the medication will send T4 back to the brain and tell the pituitary gland that you have enough T4, so your TSH will look normal. When you take a synthetic hormone, that is an identical hormone, it fixes that one issue, but if have other issues, regulating the T4 is not enough.

Many people struggle for years with this. About 80% of thyroid sufferers have an autoimmune component that has to be checked.There are a small percentage of women who truly need a thyroid medication. The thyroid medication is supposed to be identical to the hormone, but this isn’t true. The medication contains wheat and dye, sugar and other things that aren’t in the regular natural hormone. For example, the ingredients in Synthroid are confectioner’s sugar, corn starch, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, povidone and talc. If you have sensitivities to diary, corn, gluten, including traces of soy, you will be affected.

Back on the Road to Being Healthy

If patients still suffer from thyroid issues while on medication and don’t feel any better, then doctors begin chasing the symptoms. As a result, they can prescribe many other medications, but still, the underlying cause isn’t found.

Walk into Journey to Wellness or give us a quick call, we can arrange to get you checked out. There is a reason you are suffering from thyroid symptoms, and aging, genetics or you being unlucky are none of them. Something is going on inside. Like all other ailments we treat, ‘We don’t guess, we test.”


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