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Journey to Wellness in Frisco TX

Welcome to Journey to Wellness in Frisco TX. If you suffer from chronic pain, call our team today and find out how we can help.

Welcome to Journey to Wellness

Our office loves to educate the public, We have TONS of content on social media -  Journey to Wellness Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. We host live events in the office multiple times a month and have free webinars monthly for anyone who is not local to KY.

Using our integrative health coaching services we are able to help people all over the world, no need to be local. Simply schedule a phone consultation with one of our doctors. If you are local you can find our office in the Kroger shopping plaza on Boston Road off Man O War.


Our whole-person, whole-body approach is unparalleled. If you are looking for a doctor to team up with that will help guide you through making lifestyle changes, nutrition plans, herb, and supplement recommendations so you can regain your health then we are the perfect fit.

Our Team Offers A Variety of Services







  • Common Conditions We Help

    We offer a natural, no drug/no surgery approach to inflammation, chronic pain, blood sugar problems, hormone imbalance, autoimmune and thyroid symptoms. We also have a wellness plan for people who want to maximize their health and age gracefully, If you are suffering from any symptoms it's a warning sign that something is wrong. You don't have to have any certain issues, maybe you just don't feel well, you lack energy, you've gained weight, you have brain fog or mood issues. We can help you get back to feeling like your old self.

  • Lab Testing

    We offer hundreds of different functional lab tests that are not normally ordered by your primary care physician, Some of our most commonly used tests are: Food allergies, hormone mapping, comprehensive stool sample, inflammatory panel, expanded diabetes panel, comprehensive thyroid evaluation, Mold testing, OATS testing, and autoimmune panels.

  • Common Misconceptions

    It's important that someone chooses their health care practitioners wisely. Not all doctors will have the same approach or philosophy when it comes to health. Even other integrative or functional medicine doctors may use more natural solutions like herbs and supplements to cover up symptoms but not find the answers to your struggles, We have seen people come from other integrative doctors and they are on 20 supplements for years at a time and often feel the same or worse as when they started. This is not our approach. Proper lab testing and our extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology is what makes our care so much more than just a "natural" alternative and when we have specific information about your body we are able to get quicker results, It's all about finding answers and helping your body be as healthy as possible.

  • Schedule An Appointment Today

    If you are ready to find your answers and get off the healthcare rollercoaster for good schedule a consultation with one of our doctors (either in person or phone consultation).